Hello. I am Alicia, 16.

Finally seeing you today, although I was a little cold initially and was slightly throwing tantrums. But the feeling of being by your side is better than anything else.

Sent me home as usual even after a long day of school, I could really see the tiredness in your eyes. For that 15 minutes or so I kept looking at you, treasuring the time we get to spend together. It makes me a little sad to see how the spark in your eyes is dying off, slow blinking… all because school is tiring you out. But i know you’ll come out from this stronger than before, and you’ll be alright, we’ll be alright.

Sometimes I realise this double digit to A’s is really pretty scary,I start to sink in the feeling ‘I should have focused more earlier..’ maybe it is just my perfectionist side acting up but I knew I did my best at that period of time, although it might seem minimal now. No time for regrets now, I am going to make the best out of the remaining time I have.

Usual hug in the lift but this is one of the heartwarming, sincere, reassuring ones I’ll remember. You give mr a sense of security I never felt before, your words and actions makes me trust you a lot a lot. Your whispering voice is enough to drive me crazy.

'I know I wont be able to spend much time with you but dont worry, everthing will be over soon and everything's going to be okay.'

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Interface, SamAlive

Before my expectations of you get too overwhelming i shall see you as a best friend more than a boyfriend for now.

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